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Testimonial Letter
May 14, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

I suffered a hemorrhagic (bleed in the brain) stroke four years ago which left me with severe disabilities. However, with a lot of perseverance I managed to overcome most of them. I have had botox treatments, treatments by a sports chiropractor, and physical therapy. I have also reinforced the foregoing treatments by lifting weights, by swimming, and by doing Tai Chi as well as taking a Spinning Class.

With all the foregoing activities, I managed to regain my normal gait, balance, and coordination, however, I could not use my right hand to lift a carton of juice or turn the key to my car. I had to turn the car key by putting my left hand through the car wheel, and then turn the car key.

Since Justin Landers was the Tai Chi instructor at my health club in Houston and since I knew he was studying to become an acupuncturist, I decided to add acupuncture to my list of treatments.

I was treated by Justin about 8 to 10 times, and I was glad that I did! The acupuncture needles were applied to my entire right side because the stroke was to the left side of the brain which made my right side of my body weak. However, Justin applied electricity to the acupuncture points between the fingers in my right hand. It worked. Now I have enough strength in my right hand to write, to turn my car on, and to pour a glass of juice.

So you see that it was a team effort to get back to my regular self. I needed everyone's expertise to get the job done.

Thanks to Justin's expertise as an acupuncturist, I regained the use of my right hand.

One more thing - Don't let anyone put limitations on your recovery!
                                                                Captain Bodvar Gregersen, U.S. Merchant Marine (Retired)
                                                                TIRR* Stroke Support Group Leader
*NOTE: TIRR stands for Texas Institute for Rehabilitation and Research

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