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Pricing varies depending on the patient's commitment to their treatment. For example, by making a commitment to come to a full course of treatments, you will receive a significant discount on services. This commitment takes the form of buying "packages" of treatments.
Treatment costs (each package consists of a 10 treatment course):


# of Treatments Condition:Cost:
1Initial Treatment*


1Followup Visits*


10Face lift**


10Stress Relief


10Weight Loss


10 Stroke Recovery


10 Smoking Cessation


10 General Treatment Package***   $450 
n/aTàijíquán or Qìgōng Private Lessons



*The first office visit is $75 because Mr. Landers has to spend extra time taking an accurate Health-history and determining the problem. Subsequent follow-up treatments are $50. If you have been treating one illness or disorder and have decided to begin treating a new chief complaint, Mr. Landers charges $75 for that visit as well, as you are "starting over."  If you have been coming to see Mr. Landers regularly and then miss more than 3 treatments before returning to see him, your next treatment will be $75 as well.

**Acupuncture face lifts are generally less expensive and definitely safer than BoTox, and current research shows them to last approximately 6 months longer.

***General Treatment Packages cover a course of 10 treatments for any condition not mentioned in the above table.


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