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Mr. Landers is a former resident of Houston, TX.  Currently, he is a licensed acupuncturist with the state of Maryland, a certified Diplomat of Oriental Medicine from NCCAOM, and a holder of a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.
His first experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine came almost 16 years ago when his Kung Fu instructor sent him to an acupuncturist (her husband) for an injury he received during training.  Since that time, Mr. Landers has been deeply interested in the theories behind both Chinese medicine and Chinese martial arts. 
In 2006 Mr. Landers had the unprecedented opportunity to study at two different teaching hospitals in China.  Dedicated to public education about TCM, Mr. Landers is using his experience from both the United States and China to de-mystify Chinese medical practices.
Aside from his experience as a healer, Mr. Landers is also a teacher and practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan (sometimes spelled Tàijíquán) and Chi Kung (Qìgōng).

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Tàijí (Tai Chi) Experience:
Mr. Landers has studied various martial arts for 20 years, and Chinese martial arts for 16.  He has been teaching Tàijí and Qìgōng  (Tàijíquán and Qìgōng) for 8 years now, and has studied under various famous instructors such as Grandmaster Madame Wang Jurong, Master Yang Jwing-ming, Jeff Bolt, and Sifu Sean Marshall.  He has taken workshops and seminars from other famous martial artists such as Shaolin Disciple Shawn Liu and Grandmaster Willy Lin.  Mr. Landers knows a variety of styles and forms of Tàijí, including the 24 Simplified Form, the 42 competitions routine, the Yang-style long form (108 movement), a Two-person matching set, a 54 movement Yang-style sword form, the Yang-style 32 movement sword, Tàijí/Gōngfu Fan, Rainbow Fan, and Chen-style's 18 "essentials" form.  In addition to those skills, Mr. Landers is experienced with Tàijí Pushing Hands, Tàijí Qín Ná  (also called Chin Na or grappling), and many forms of Qìgōng (sometimes called Chi Kung) meditation.  Mr. Landers teaches private lessons upon request.
Mr. Landers' skills have been recognized by many awards and medals from Tàijíquán competitions.  His first competition was only two years after he had begun training.  He entered the beginners' level in a regional USAWKF competition and won first place.  Since that time, he has done very well.  His greatest honors include winning 1st place in advanced division "other-style" Tàijíquán in three different regoins leading to entry and placement of 4th in the national level USAWKF competition that same year (1996).  Then in 1998, Mr. Landers travelled to China where he entered the annual competition just outside of Chen Village (the birthplace of Tàijíquán), taking 1st place.  Mr. Landers has since retired from competition, deciding instead, to focus on teaching.
A much younger Mr. Landers with his mentor Grandmaster Madam Wang Jurong, and her husband, the retired director of Shanghai's Hospital for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Wu Chengde.  These two wonderful and amazing people helped to inspire and influence Mr. Landers into deepening his study of Tàijíquán and TCM.


Madam Wang is survived by her three daughters and her loving husband, Dr. Wu.  Teaching is carried on at Madam Wang's school in Houston, Texas, by her daughter Wu Xiaoping, where Dr. Wu Chengde also continues doing acupuncture treatments.  Their school website can be found at http://www.taijikungfuhealth.com


Company history:
Body Anew is a recently formed (founded in 2007) as a company dedicated to public education about Chinese Medicine.  It is also a clinic dedicated to providing the highest standard of care for anyone seeking alternative and complementary healthcare.

Patient Testimonials:
"Thanks to Justin's expertise as an acupuncturist, I regained the use of my right hand."
                    -Captain Bodvar Gregersen,
                     U.S. Merchant Marine (Retired)


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